Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My Dog and I

Ruben just love this fellow. He is very playfull. Juanre also loves this Jack Russell

Juanre full of smiles

Not very often that you see her doing this.

Juanre loves her younger brother

He is in a hostel about 300km from home but he loves the school. We decided to do that so that he could have sort of a normal life. He is really doing great there. We are so thankful for the awesome teachers in that school.

Ruben washes the Bakkie

Ruben loves to wash the car.  So here he is helping Daddy.

Wednesday 's

On Wednesday's we go to the Speech Therapist. Mia is really very very good with Ruben. He loves to go.

Well let met finish. Have a good day.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Year 2017

Things we do in our house.
Living with Autism

Sunday, June 15, 2014

2014 a Year later

So here we are a year later. We are so Blessed. The kids are fine and well. We decided to take Ruben out of school the higiene was not good enough for us. He stood still he did not improve if we asked him some math questions he couldn't answer them or answer them incorrectly.  So he goes to occupational therapy and is doing great.  He still loves the farm.  He can drive the bakkie al by himself even into to 4th gear. 

Juanre is well and healthy and enjoying everyday life. 

Our middleson Lourens is in gr 8 and he went to boarding school 288km from home but the main thing is he enjoys the school very very much.

In April Lourens had a apendix operations and we were really affraid that something could go wrong like his sister but praise the Lord nothing he is fine playing rugby again. 

We also find out that he is ADHD and he drinks meds for that and his concentration is much much better. He even said that he is there in the class not daydreaming so much.

It is winter here in the Kalahari it is colder than the previous winters.